What to Bring/Wear

What should I bring? What should I wear?
Kayaks: If you are going on a kayak rental, tour or class you will get a lifejacket, paddling jacket, sprayskirt and paddle.  If you are renting from Santa Cruz you will be given a sit on top kayak unless you have taken a sea kayaking safety class.  With sit on top rentals, please bring a bathingsuit - you will be given a wetsuit to wear over it (yep, it's mandatory!).  If you are doing a tour in Santa Cruz or renting from Moss Landing you will be given a closed deck kayak, no wetsuit required.  We suggest that you try to avoid wearing jeans or sweats, and instead dress in layers of fleece, wool, capilene or synthetic clothing.  Weather conditions can change quickly on the water and we feel that you are better off with too many layers then being cold!

SUPs: If you are renting an SUP you will be provided with a wetsuit and paddle.  You may want to go barefoot, wear watersocks or booties and should come dressed in a swimsuit and have a change of clothes.

Also, if you are going on a tour or taking a class you may want to consider bringing a tip for your hard-working guide or instructor.

We recommend that you bring:

  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and a snack
  • A swimsuit with a change of clothes and towel (just in case!)
  • Camera and/or binoculars
  • Footwear such as old sneakers, Tevas, watersocks or booties