Santa Cruz Harbor vs. Elkhorn Slough

A. Both of our locations are on the Monterey Bay Marine National Sanctuary but they are very different.

Santa Cruz: In Santa Cruz you will paddle out of the harbor and into the bay while experiencing amazing views of the coastline, Boardwalk, lighthouse and wharf.  You will be on the ocean and will experience the feeling of the rolling seas.  Santa Cruz offers the opportunity to see otters, seals, sea lions, birds, dolphins and whales.

Elkhorn Slough: The Elkhorn Slough is in inland waterway that looks and feels somewhat like a river.  Although it is connected to the ocean it has calm waters and you will never be far from shore.  The Elkhorn Slough is affected by the tides and winds but not the ocean swells.  Because of its protected nature the slough is a refuge for wildlife including tons of otters, seals, sea lions and hundreds of species of birds.