Instruction with Kayak Connection is always an adventure.

We offer sea kayaking and stand up paddling instruction in Santa Cruz and Moss Landing. There are also special kayaking programs for kids and teens, and for families!

A note for aspiring kayakers: If you're new to kayaking you can start with our Introduction to Sea Kayaking course, which includes basic strokes, gear, safety considerations, and a rescue class, taught either in the Santa Cruz harbor or the Elkhorn Slough.  Next, spend some time in a kayak!  Be sure to get lots of time on the water, using your new strokes and rescues learned in the Introduction class.  Get some practice in wind and ocean swells.  The next courses are our Beach Entry and Exit class, or our Advanced Open Ocean Skills.  Both of these classes will teach you more rough-water handling, review rescues, and work on new techniques for becoming an intermediate-advanced paddler.  Interested in better skills in the surf? Want to shred the waves on a kayak? Sign up for our Kayak Surf Clinic, taught by competition surf kayakers! And don't forget to learn the ultimate self rescue, the kayak roll with our roll clinic in the Elkhorn Slough.  As you progress as a paddler, we offer private classes that can help you with particular skills to help you become an excellent sea kayaker.  Call either shop for more information about our various classes, and come kayaking today!