Kayak Equipment Rentals

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Kayak Equipment Rentals



From the Shop Rentals
Our Santa Cruz location on the Monterey Bay offers a variety of kayak rentals.  The majority of our renters choose sit-on-top kayaks as they are stable and great for beginners.  They are also easier to get back on should they capsize.  If you have taken a kayak class and know your open water rescues you are welcome to rent a closed deck kayak.  Reservations recommended. To make a reservation please call: 831.479.1121

All of our kayaks are already on the water and do not require transportation (unless you are doing a drive away rental).  All prices below include a wetsuit and lifejacket-- both are required for all renters-- paddle and paddling jacket.

Cost: $35 for a single, $55 for a double
Duration: up to 4 hours

Frequent Renter Card:  $275
(10 single 4 hour rentals, good at either shop, good for only one person per day, never expires-- can also be used for single 4 hour SUP rentals.  Can be used 7 days a week in Santa Cruz year round; but during "peak season" (May-Oct) at the Elkhorn Slough can only be used Mon-Fri.)

Want to go together? We have Frequent Renter Cards for double kayaks: $350 for 10 double kayak rentals.

Large Rentals
Large rentals are considered the rental of five or more kayaks.  If you have a large group you will be required to put down a 50% deposit based on the total of your rental.

Driveaway Rentals
We also offer drive away rentals if you wish to kayak at a different location.  Certain location restrictions apply. 
All users must sign a release

Cost:  $50 for a single, $70 for a double  (plastic kayaks only)
(cost above is for each of the first 3 days, the charge is $10 per day for each day thereafter)
Duration: up to 24 hours