Kayak Equipment Rentals

When you join us for any of our activities, you will be asked to sign a Release Form. Please be advised that there are inherent risks associated with this activity.

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Kayak Equipment Rentals

Boogie Boards/Wetsuits


Kayak Connection offers boogie board and wetsuit rentals for those wanting to play at the beach.  Boogie Boarding is a great introduction to the sport of riding waves, it's also a blast! A popular boogie boarding beach called Twin Lakes is located within walking distance of the Santa Cruz shop.  Fun for the whole family, no experience necessary. We have boogie boards and full wetsuits for all sizes so grab some gear and hit the water!

Boogie Boards:
Cost: $15
Duration: up to 24 hours

Full Wetsuits:
Cost: $15 
Duration: up to 24 hours