SPECIAL: ES Photography Workshops

The Elkhorn Slough is known for being one of the most ecologically diverse areas in California. The Elkhorn Slough Photography Workshop gives aspiring photographers a unique perspective of nature by taking the art of photography to the next step, putting you out on the water, up close and personal with nature.

Kayak Connection is now offering a unique opportunity to hone in on YOUR photography skills (from beginners to experts alike) while simply enjoying nature around you.

Come join our three hour workshops for a fun filled learning adventure, and walk away with experience, knowledge, appreciation, and camera skills to take your photography to the next step. Our experienced instructors will guide you on the water while sharing their tips and tricks to advance your camera skills of lighting, aperture, shutter speed, composition setting, artistic appeal, white balance, and much more. These workshops are specific to digital cameras and DSLRs but film users are definitely welcome.

This unique habitat has been an area of interest, hosted by Kayak Connection, to several nationally famous photographers representing National Geographic, VIA Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Ranger Rick, Time National Enquiry, Frans Lanting, and many more.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $65 per person

Disclaimer: Kayaking experience recommended but not required. All personal equipment is the sole responsibility of the individual owner. Kayak Connection and its staff are not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment. Kayaks and paddle equipment included. 


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