28th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

The 28th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest is this weekend Fri-Sun, March 28-30th. The most magnificent display of paddle surfing is staged at the internationally acclaimed break, Steamer Lane. This three day event showcases competitions in Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Wave Skis, and Surf Kayaks. Contestants come from all over the state of California showing some of the best of the best in the business. Kayak Connection is proud to be represented by two of our very own; employee Mat Hoff, and owner Dave Grigsby. Competing in the surf kayak events, these two passionate and dedicated paddlers will shred the waves and leave an imprint of KC trailing behind them. Running concurrently with the event is Cowell’s Classic, open ocean SUP race, and Surf Tech’s Duel-athlon. This event is one not to miss! Come watch the surfers, support our locals, and bring a warm drink to enjoy. Welcome to the greatest paddle surfing show on the planet!