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Paddle California Surfski Workshop: Saturday, December 9

Kayak Connection is pleased to announce that we will be hosting Paddle California’s surfski workshop: 5 Fundamentals of Optimal Paddling Technique! Join 2016 US Olympic Coach & SurfSki World Champion Michele Eray & 2016 Olympian and multiple time Team USA paddler/surf life saver Maggie Hogan on a 3 hour adventure into the world of Optimal Paddling Technique. They will cover our 5 Fundamentals of Technique, which they have refined over the past 24 years of paddling, and applied to their own training. Their teaching is an innovative way of simplifying a highly technical skill, and teaching you to adapt the 5 Fundamentals to your own paddling. The workshops are aimed at all levels of paddler wanting to learn something new about going faster with less effort! Although the main topic is Optimal Paddling Technique, they will also discuss: – Setting up your equipment – Optimizing your technique & equipment for varied conditions – Reading the Conditions – Catching Runs – Less Effort for More Fun! With two world class instructors you are guaranteed to take away a whole new approach to your paddling. Workshop will be held at the Kayak Connection Elkhorn Slough location in Moss Landing, CA and starts @ 11 am. Bring your ski/kayak and paddle, PFD and warm clothes to paddle in. To register for the event, please visit Paddle California’s website. If you need to rent a ski for the workshop, please contact either Kayak Connection at (831) 479-1121 or Paddle California at (619) 796-8048.