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Necky Fiberglass Eliza

$3,099.00 $2,100.00

Named after an island in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, the Eliza feels so good you never want to get out of it. Its compact cockpit makes you feel secure and firmly in control. And its balance of maneuverability and reduced drag will help you keep up with the guys. Or just plain leave them behind. Ideal for day tripping, the fifteen foot long Eliza perfect for female paddlers of all skill levels.

Material: Fiberglass
Length: 15′ 3″
Width: 21″
Weight: 45 lbs
Cockpit: 28.5″ x 15″
Bow Hatch: 16″ x 9″
Stern Hatch: 16″ x 9″
Storage Capaccity: 136.2 L
Max Capacity: 225-275 lbs

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