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WS Zephyr 155 Pro

$3,005.00 $1,990.00

Raise a paddle for the sleek and efficient fiberglass boats! The Zephyr is a real pro in the ways of kayak adventure. Its fiberglass build makes is lighter to carry and faster to the glide. The Zephyr is easy to edge and turns quickly, but the TruTrak skeg system keeps this boat tracking straight and legit, even when waters are sub-optimal. And if you find yourself in even more sub-optimal conditions, the Zephyr’s sport hatches will keep you from finding yourself…. at a yard sale (loosing everything that might have been stored sub-par jankie hatches from an inferior boat, while you nearly land that epic wave launch). The Zephyr is the kayak all our guides fight over on a Kayak Connection Staff paddle.

Length: 15’6
Width: 22.5”
Max Capacity: 275lbs
Deck Height: 16”
Weight: 46lbs
Cockpit Length: 35.5”
Cockpit Width: 19”